The Ultimate Cloud-Based Water Monitor System

Tough weather-resistance, backed by great customer service, workmanship guarantees, and many happy customers – it’s a no brainer.

What can the PTLevel Water Level Monitor do for you?

Turn your cistern into a smart cistern! Access your level information anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

With a click of a button, access your water level history and know precisely how much water is in your cistern.
Choose to share your level with your water delivery company, change your tank settings, and even set up notifications for high or low levels.
The PTLevel is perfect for monitoring cisterns, wells, ponds, rain harvesting systems, chemical tanks, sumps, septic tanks, and more.

Watch on any Device, Anywhere

Monitor your level from your phone, computer, tablet, tv, and more.

Be in the Know

Setup alerts at any set point by sms or email. It is simple to setup in your account.

Free Online Connectivity

A PTDevices account is free which includes all the needed features for your device.


View your usage history over time to see how you’ve been saving on water, or see when your delivery company delivered.


Share your level easily with your delivery company. They will be able to monitor your levels for you.

Save Money

Know the level and order your precious water when actually needed. No more guessing which could cut down on costly delivery charges.


30 day money-back returns, 2 year warranty

Water level on Android

Long Range Wireless PTLevel

299.99 US$327.99 US$

Wired WiFi PTLevel

209.99 US$387.99 US$

Which Device is Right for You?

PTLevel Wired WiFiPTLevel Long Range Wireless
Warranty2 Years2 Years
Free Online Account System (Premium Features available)YesYes
-40oC to 100oC Temperature RatingYesYes
WIFI Connection Needed at TankYesNo
Battery PoweredNoYes
RangeNoUp to 1km
Reporting FrequencyOnce per 2 minutesSmart Schedule
Water Depthup to 18′ (13′ tubing provided)up to 18′ (13′ tubing provided)

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