PTLevel Water Level Monitor

2 Free Alerts at the Levels You Want to Know About

Simply log into your account, set the alert points, and wait for your notifications when your level goes above or below that point.

PTLevel Water Level Monitors are Made in Canada


I have been using the PTDevices monitoring device in my 2,500-gallon water storage tank (cistern) for several years without any issues. The set up is easy, just follow the instructions and/or YouTube videos, the service is exceptional, and the device performs extremely well. The cistern is located in Mexico, and I travel extensively but I am always informed with the status of my water level. I highly recommend the device.

January 2024

Outstanding product. I have no power or WiFi where my water tank is. But I installed this system about 2 years ago and it has been working perfectly. Last night it alerted me that my tank was below its normal level and sure enough, one of the fuses for my well pump had blown. So NOW I can diagnose and fix whatever is wrong BEFORE I run out of water! Thanks, Paremtech!

November 2023

I have now installed these on 3 of my tanks. It makes me sleep just a little better knowing that the tanks are monitored and able to alert me if they drop below a set amount. This also allows me to be able to transfer water between tanks without fear of running them dry. Huge game changer for me. I am using the WIFI connected tanks and have never had an issue with range. These level monitors are amazing, cannot recommend enough. 10/10!

February 2023

Liquid Level Monitoring on the Cloud

A weather-resistant liquid level monitor for cisterns, chemical tanks, rain water harvesting, wells, ponds, and more.

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Plus a 30 day money-back guarantee and 2 year warranty.
PTDevices Level Monitoring Cloud