The Long Range Wireless PTLevel

A weather-resistant water level monitor with up to 1km range. The receiver is plugged-in inside your house where there is a WiFi signal. The transmitter is installed up to 1km away at the tank and is battery-powered. Log into the free app on iOS or Android to view your level history, set up SMS and email alerts, change your tank settings, share with your water delivery company and more.


The Long Range Wireless PTLevel

Long Range Wireless PTLevel


Simple WiFi Connectivity

Connect the PTLevel to your home WiFi signal in a few minutes.

Long Wireless Range

Transmitter to receiver can achieve up to 1km signal range!

Long Battery Life

Enjoy 2+ years of battery life on 4xAA batteries

Easy Fast Installation


Power the Device

Install the included 4AA batteries into the transmitter. Then plug in the receiver somewhere in your house or wherever it can be indoors and has an accessible WiFi signal.


Connect the WiFi

Using the simple step by step WiFi connection setup, get the PTLevel connected to the internet via your WiFi connection.

A step by step guide is provided with the included full color manual. There is also a WiFi Connect app for Android and iOS that assist with the WiFi connection process.


Install PTLevel

Install the PTLevel transmitter on the tank, lower the pressure chamber in the liquid, and and press the button.

You can screw down the PTLevel optionally and you’ll simply need to drill a small hole (6mm/1/4in) for the tubing run into the tank. It is ok to install the PTLevel outside but you must make sure it doesn’t get submersed.

Use in your cistern, dug well, peroxide tank, reverse osmosis tank, fertilizer tank, chlorine tank, sump…

A few online features

  • On any device
  • Know – SMS and Email alerts
  • Free – all needed functions are free
  • History – usage over time
  • Share with your delivery company
  • Save Money

What You Get

Designed and manufactured in Canada.

Comes with Receiver, Transmitter, 13′ chemical resistant tubing, chemical resistant pressure chamber, and 4xAA batteries.

Long Range Wireless PTLevel Kit

What You Get

Designed and manufactured in Canada. Comes with Receiver, Transmitter, 13′ chemical resistant tubing, chemical resistant pressure chamber, and 4xAA batteries.

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How does the PTLevel Long Range Wireless work?

  • The PTLevel is mounted on the top of your tank where it is connected to the provided 13′ of 5/32″ tubing. You can order more tubing if needed.
  • The other end of that small tubing is then connected to the weighted “Pressure Chamber”.
  • When the Pressure Chamber is lowered into your tank, the liquid pushes up into the chamber and creates an air pocket.
  • That air pocket is then read by the PTLevel using a smart power saving schedule. More information on this in the knowledgebase,
  • The data is sent to our online services over the long range wireless link and then using your WiFi internet connection, where it is processed into a level reading, alerts, and more.

PTLevel Pressure Chamber

Features and Specifications

  • Long distance low power wireless technology. 1 km or more can be achieved depending on the environment.
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries for years depending on how you adjust the reporting schedule of the device.
  • 13′ of tubing is supplied, but you can request more if needed.
  • Weather proof design. It can be installed outside with no issue.
  • -40°C to 100°C temperature range.
  • Water depth maximum with supplied Pressure Chamber and sensor is 18′. Standard 13′ included with each purchase.
  • Receiver dimensions – 55mm x 95mm x 23mm.
  • Transmitter dimensions – 69mm x 140mm x 51mm.
  • Pressure chamber dimensions – 250mm total height, 91mm base diameter, 26mm base height, 22mm tube OD.

Warranty and Guarantee


Year Workmanship Warranty

We stand behind our products. If the product does not perform the way it is advertised, we will work with you in every way possible to get it working properly.


Day Guarantee

Within 30 days of the purchase, if the device does not work for your scenario, we will refund the device purchase upon receiving the device back.

See our online Knowledgebase Articles for more information.