How do I know how much water is in my cistern?

People commonly use cisterns in areas without municipal water supply systems. Some cisterns sit on top of houses, while many are underground. However, they all face the same problem: How do you determine the water level in them?

How to find out how much water is in your cistern:

There are several ways to determine the water level in your underground cistern. Here are a few methods:

1. Visual Inspection:

If your cistern has a transparent or translucent material, you may be able to visually inspect the water level. If it doesn’t, you can still often open the lid and look in to get an idea of the remaining water level.

2. Dipstick:

Using a long rod or stick, commonly referred to as a dipstick, insert it into the cistern until it reaches the bottom. When you pull it out, the wet portion indicates the water level.

You can take this a step further and calculate the volume of your cistern too! For rectangular prism cisterns, just measure the length (L) by the width (W) by the height (h), where height equals the full depth of water. Measurements in cm divided by 1000 gives volume in litres. Measurements in feetx6.2 gives volume in imperial gallons.

3. Float Valve or Float Switch:

Some cisterns are equipped with float valves or float switches that automatically control the water level. The position of the float can give you an indication of the water level.

4. Ultrasonic Sensors:

Ultrasonic sensors can measure the distance between the sensor and the water surface, providing an accurate measurement of the water level.

5. Pressure Sensors:

Pressure sensors can be installed at different heights in the cistern to measure the pressure exerted by the water. This information can be used to estimate the water level.

6. Smart Monitoring Systems:

Modern technology allows for the installation of smart monitoring systems that can provide real-time information about the water level in your cistern. The PTLevel smart water monitoring system comes with level history, water level notifications, the ability to share your account with your water delivery company, and many more features. All this along with a 2 year warranty, 30 day returns, and the confidence of a robust, weather-resistant product made in Canada.

Choosing a method to determine cistern levels:

Choose a method that is practical and feasible for your specific cistern setup. If you’re unsure if the PTLevel will work for your solution, reach out to our technicians here.

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